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November 2013

Interview with Horst Dürr: “TENNECT is a perfect solution”

espaZio: We have been building tensile structures for 40 years. Why did you need a new cable fitting? Horst Dürr: I was searching for a long time for an optimised membrane solution; having prototyped lots and developed over many…[mehr]

April 2013

BAU 2013 & textile architecture

The BAU construction trade fair has enjoyed the participation of a group of textile architecture companies (Textile-Architektur) which all form part of a new project. More than a project it is a network, one could say an…[mehr]

April 2013

Neues vom Stahl- und Textilbau

Filigraner "Kugelkopf" zur Befestigung eingeführt "Die Nachfrage nach Leichtbau-Konstruktionen steigt", stellt Thomas Krieger von Carl Stahl in Süssen fest. Stahlbauer müssen sich häufiger in das Thema…[mehr]