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Balance of asymmetrical loads
Ball head

This standardised fastening system allows a point or linear fastening and tensioning of load bearing structures. The connection elements and the acting forces adjust automatically in the direction of pull. This three-dimensional adjustable system can balance dimensional tolerances, makes the installation easier and minimises the planning effort. The statical proven elements are available in different sizes and are suitable for forces from 25kN to 200kN.


  • Application of force is automatically adjusted in the directionof pull
  • Low planning effort
  • Balance of dimensional tolerances
  • Approved system components
  • Easy installation
  • Highest efficiency at lowest material usage

What the experts say about TENNECT

Em. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. A. A. Dr. sc. h. c. Frei Otto

“The new TENNECT 3D cable end fitting is a highly valuable element, and I hope that this product will be widely used. I can imagine something exactly like this just well for projects.”

Em. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. A. A. Dr. sc. h. c. Frei Otto

Dr. Dieter Stroebel, technet GmbH

“Working with membrane lightweight structures demands efficiency and utility. With respect to the design, engineering and installation process TENNECT is the number one industrial solution to achieve this. The universal TENNECT end fitting adjusts the cable in the exact direction of the introduced force. An advantage which is only offered by the new 3D TENNECT fitting.”

Dr. Dieter Stroebel
technet GmbH

Arch. (BDA), Univ. Lektor, Dipl.-Ing. (ETH) Horst Dürr, IF Group

“The new TENNECT 3D cable fitting is revolutionizing the planning and construction of Membrane Lightweight Structures. TENNECT is not any longer a craftsman solution, it is far more an optimised and industrialised solution with many advantages. For me it is essential that this is the only 3D joint fitting – which is fulfilling at the same time shapeliness and technical requirements – as well as offering a warranty. Besides planning security, an essential saving is possible during planning, installation and demounting.”

Arch. (BDA), Univ. Lektor, Dipl.-Ing. (ETH) Horst Dürr
IF Group

Robert Wehdorn-Roithmayr, Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn.

“TENNECT meets the highest expectations of architectural design and engineering quality. Pleasant design in combination with the advantages of a highly standardised industry solution is absolutely convincing. The unique adaptability of the (TENNECT) system enables a variety of many individual architectural solutions in the field of Membrane Lightweight Structures.”

Robert Wehdorn-Roithmayr
Arch. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn.